Calling all funders and sponsors!

We are currently in the process of securing funding to run Súa in Klemtu again in 2020! As a young program, we have yet to establish enough secure/renewable funding to ensure that programming may continue in coming years. If you or your company is passionate about supporting cultural enrichment in the Kitasoo/Xai'Xais Nation, please contact our program coordinator to discuss the options for and benefits of supporting Súa.

Supporting the Súa Cultural Program is an investment in fueling the growth of First Nations traditions, and inspiring the next generation of Indigenous leaders in Canada. We welcome you to join this important culture empowerment initiative.

How are we funded?

20% donations

30% grants

50% community sponsorship

The Súa Education Foundation is a non-profit organization. Our program relies on generous donations from organizations and individuals that believe in supporting First Nations communities in maintaining their traditions . If you, or your business would like to support Súa we would be thrilled to hear from you. We welcome donations of any kind to help support our performance group by paying staff and administration costs, updating equipment, purchasing material for workshops, and providing honoraria to local knowledge holders who facilitate workshops for the group.

To make a donation, contact John (program coordinator).
Phone: 778-677-4168

Thank you to the following groups/individuals for their generous contributions to Súa this year: 

Spirit Bear Lodge

The First Peoples Cultural Council through their gift of an Aboriginal Arts Development Award

  Seabourne cruise line

Gordon Food Services